Shabbos Breishis – Yakov Shlomo Gross | שבת בראשית – יעקב שלמה גראס


I am delighted to present to you today a beloved classic that holds a special place in my heart and in the hearts of many others. This song is a staple at numerous Rebbishe Hoifen, especially in the Bobover Hoif and is known by it’s title ‘Melech Rachmon/Shabbos Breishis’, Chassidim recount that this song has its origins with the Ropschitzer Ruv before the war.

As an introduction to the medley i begin with the famed tune originally composed by the Heilige Rivnitzer Rebbe and to add flavor i’m honored to include another special tune that I had the privilege of hearing at the ‘Shabbos Breishis Tisch’ in ‘Niklesburg’, The Rebbe there is known for his heartfelt compositions and songs that have a profound impact on the souls of many Yidden.

I’m also taking this opportunity to appreciate the work ‘Avrumy Berko’ has done with arranging and producing this medley, ‘Avrumy’ truly took this song to new heights – thank you for that.

Originally Sung In: Bobov.
Music & Choir Arranged by: Avrumy Berko.
Choir by: Yedidim International.
Vocals Recorded by: Shlome Wechter @ Volume Studios.
Mixed by: Avrumy Berko.
Cover Design by: Avrumy @
Animation by: Sruly @

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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