Shas-A-Thon – The Entire Shas in One Day Under One Roof


Buckle your seatbelts! Jewish men from all over are coming together to complete the entire Shas — all 2,711 dafim (pages) — in one day, in one place.

The goal of the Shas-a-thon is to accrue zechut (merit) through intensive learning, raise money for A TIME, an organization that assists Jewish couples struggling with reproductive health issues and infertility,

At this Shas-a-thon, each of 274 individual lomdim (Torah learners) or chevrutot (pair of learners) will complete a designated section of the Gemara, up to 10 blatt (both sides of a page). Participants have committed to learn their pages, including Rashi and other meforshim (commentators) so they are prepared to review it at the Shas-a-thon.

Please join in this great zechus by sponsoring a Daf, or contributing any amount you can, and take part in building the future of Klal Yisrael. YOU can make a difference!

On behalf of the many families silently facing the ups and downs of infertility…thank you!

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