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Introducing a transformative musical experience that bridges tradition and modern healingโ€”our new single, a powerful cover of “Habeit” by Abie Rotenberg. Originally penned and performed in 2008 at Camp Nageela, a Jewish outreach (Kiruv) camp for secular children, these elucidated lyrics have already touched countless hearts. Now, we bring this profound song to a wider audience, infused with a unique element that makes it revolutionary in the Jewish music scene.

At H.I.P. Counseling Center, we are a group psychotherapy practice in the New York area founded by Shaya Hecht dedicated to helping individuals reduce shame and embrace their humanity, because “Humanly IS Possible.” This single is more than just a song; it’s a tool for healing. By integrating a body meditation with the music, we offer an unparalleled experience designed to promote emotional and spiritual well-being.

In these challenging times, it is vital for us to find ways to connect, heal, and grow as a community. This release aims to inspire and support Jews worldwide, providing a soothing balm through its harmonious blend of melody, mindfulness, and connection..

Discover the healing power of “Habeit/Through The Pain” as youโ€™ve never experienced before. Let the music guide you on a journey of introspection, connection, and healing. Join us in embracing this new niche in Jewish musicโ€”where tradition meets therapeutic innovation.

Listen, feel, and heal with H.I.P. Counseling Center’s groundbreaking new single featuring its founder and director, Shaya Hecht, LCSW.

Visit (website coming soon) for more info on H.I.P. Counseling Center.

You can also provide feedback and book Shaya for innovative speaking/singing engagements by contacting him through the website or emailing him at

May the inspiration and healing that comes from this song be a zchus (merit) for the neshoma (soul) of Rose Lubin aโ€™h- Rut Elisheva bat Chaim Dovid, a border policewoman in Israel and alumnus at Camp Nageela, the magical place where the seeds for this song were planted, who was tragically murdered in the line of duty at the beginning of the war in Israel.

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