Shea Kaller Band – Yom Tov Series #2 – Mishloach Manos – יושע קאללער בענד


In honor of Purim, we’re happy to present to you an exclusive medley, our second video in the series of Yom Tov instrumentals played by the Shea Kaller band.

Enjoy a beautiful blend of traditional and modern Purim music, artfully combined in a Mishloach Manos from us to you:)

It is one that will bring a smile on your face, and joy to your heart.

Listen, and enjoy!

Disclaimer: Medley may cause spontaneous dancing, singing, and uplifted spirits.

Music by Shea Kaller Band
Arranged by Shea Kaller
Live Sound by BH Sound
Sound Engineer: Moishy Zukerman
Visuals: Stellar Productions
Mix: Yaniv Balas
Video Filmed by Motty Engel
Video Edited at Studio 62 – Leiby Weider
Stage Production: Shea Kaller Team

Special thanks to SolBlum Media

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Call: 845-445-6100


Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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