Shira Goes Classical (Live in Studio) – מקהלת שירה בקלאסיקה ווקאלית


In honor of the 2021 Sefira season, Shira accepted its own
challenge of recording the impossible: a vocals-only rendition
of this rapid-fire, layered staccato tune that was made famous
as an exercise by the world’s greatest woodwind instrumentalists.

Many vocalists can imitate a single bassline with their voice.
But absolutely none other than Shira can manage this elaborate,
fast-paced tune without a single instrument and without missing a beat.

And while most Sefira albums are recorded in separate tracks
and stitched together in the studio post-production, Shira is fully
capable of performing this exact rendition live.

This is Music Made Vocal™ at peak execution.

Shira Choir
Executive Producer: Shraga Gold
Arranged by: Yoely Horowitz
Recorded and Mixed by: Shlome Wechter – Volume Studio
Filmed & Edited by: Ari Levy – Studio On Dot
Choir members:
Yoely Horowitz
Eli Sprei 
Shia Freund 
Avrumi Lunger
Shea Kaff
Shlome Wechter 
Leiby Fasten

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