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Rabbi Yisroel Majeski is a dynamic lecturer known for his energy and ability to cut through to the heart of a matter. He captures audiences with his incredible blend of humor and inspiration. After learning 7 years in the Mir and studying for Smicha by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits of the Jerusalem Kollel, he went on to teach at various Yeshivas and Seminaries throughout Jerusalem including Aish HaTorah, Jewel, and the Hebrew University.

He currently lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and children, where he serves the greater San Fernando Valley as the Rav of Lev Simcha, Rosh Kollel of the Valley Night Kollel, 12th grade rebbe at Valley Torah high school , and senior lecturer for Los Angeles Jewish Experience (LAJ), an innovative outreach center in Los Angeles. He spends his summers as Head Counselor of Camp Agudah Day Camp in Liberty, NY. He has tangible success in exciting both youth and adults in all areas of life.

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