The Yeshiva Elite in 19th Century Lithuania



A dominant feature of religious life of the 20th century has been the centrality of the Yeshiva institution for intensive Torah study. The modern yeshiva is a direct byproduct of its antecedents in the Russian Empire of the 19th century. The old oligarchy which controlled Jewish communal life in Eastern Europe for centuries, was a combination of the rabbinical and financial elite. The personality of the Vilna Gaon and his legacy among Lithuanian Jews cemented the scholarly ideal of total dedication to Torah study and knowledge. His prime student established the first modern yeshiva in Volozhin, but it took decades until the idea really spread. Torah study for the most part continued as it always had in the Lithuanian region, in local yeshivos and batei medrash. Due to a confluence of external factors facing Russian Jewry in the closing decades of the 19th century, the Volozhin style yeshiva finally caught on and began to spread. The story of how the scholarly elite of Lithuania studied Torah and institutionalized the idea of the yeshiva, is an important chapter in the story of Jewish life in Czarist Russia of the 19th century.
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