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Simcha Fund, a division of Tov Vโ€™Chesed, led by the venerable Rโ€™ Yaakov Eliezer Shisha, is the premier organization in Israel marrying off orphans with dignity and joy.

Sponsoring over 400 weddings annually, Simcha Fund directly pays vendors and ensures that the weddings are beautiful affairs, befitting mainstream Israeli wedding standards. From caterers to musicians and photographers, yesomim can begin their married lives with the wedding they rightfully deserve.

As Simcha Fundโ€™s list of recipients has grown, so too, has the organization expanded. Two beautifully appointed wedding halls allow the cost of each wedding to be kept down and stretch every donated dollar.

However, Simcha Fund relies on your support to be able to establish more homes in Klal Yisrael.

Choose a date on Simcha Fundโ€™s calendar and sponsor a wedding today.

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