Solutions for Today’s Challenges: AI, Automation, and Smart Suite Innovations with Jon Darbyshire


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In today’s episode, host Meny Hoffman sits down with entrepreneur Jon Darbyshire to delve into the intricacies of software implementation and AI-driven business solutions.

Tune in as they explore why so many software projects fail, the pivotal role of AI in transforming everyday tasks, and how Darbyshire’s Smart Suite is setting new standards in project management.

They also share insights from the startup grind conference, discuss how to vet the best project management systems, and the critical importance of customer feedback and company culture in driving growth and innovation.

Plus, get inspired by exclusive stories from Darbyshire’s journey, including the successful sale of Archer Technologies. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a business leader aiming for greater efficiency, this episode offers a wealth of practical advice and forward-thinking strategies.


The book that changed my life : Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Advice I’ll never forget : follow the customer.

Topics within this episode :

### 1. Factors Contributing to Software Implementation Failures
– Overly simple or complex processes
– Need for automation to streamline tasks

### 2. Utilization of AI in Smart Suite
– Enhancing user experience and improving client work
– Automating content generation, summarization, and management
– Creating custom workflows and CRM systems
– Enabling data analysis through chatbots and dashboards

### 3. Insights from Startup Grind Conference
– AI’s potential impact on various industries
– Exponential growth and utilization of AI in businesses

### 4. Importance of Using AI for Task Automation
– Automating disliked or inefficiently performed tasks
– Leveraging AI for improved productivity and time-saving benefits

### 5. Selecting Software and Considering Tech Stack
– Importance of the tech stack for younger employees handling day-to-day activities
– Vetting the proper system for project management
– Understanding available features
– Mapping out the process
– Utilizing free trials for comparison

### 6. Involving Team in Decision-Making Process
– Creating ownership and involvement in chosen systems

### 7. Client Feedback and Product Development
– 90% of feature growth from direct client feedback
– Public roadmap and customer-inspired development
– Building relationships through regular customer meetings
– Involving customers in development processes for better outcomes and adoption

### 8. Archer’s Referral Program and Hiring Practices
– $2,500 offered for referrals leading to hires staying for a year
– Assessing cultural fit through lunch meetings with existing team members

### 9. Long-term Versus Short-term Hiring Practices
– Prioritizing culture fit and internal referrals
– Differences between bootstrapped companies and venture-backed companies

### 10. Archer’s Acquisition by EMC
– Negotiations with multiple parties
– Adjustments due to differences in company culture
– Post-acquisition operational and community involvement changes
– Archer’s culture ultimately prevailing

### 11. Development of Smart Suite
– Inspiration from Hoffman’s break and startup investments
– Need for a single platform to manage various processes and projects
– Native integrations with over 6000 products
– Eliminating the need for multiple point solutions

### 12. Data Integration and Management Reporting
– Solving the problem of disparate point solutions
– Importance of accessible and consolidated data for decision-making
– User-friendly and collaborative interfaces for younger users

### 13. Use Case and Customer Experience with AI
– Rebranding PTAC’s group website focusing on UI/UX, coding, and analytics
– Significant cost savings and efficiency improvements within 20 days of implementation

### 14. Future Strategic Goals for Smart Suite
– Integrating AI in a non-intrusive and understandable way
– Simplifying interfaces for general users while adding features for advanced users

### 16. Rapid-fire Questions and Personal Insights
– Book recommendation
– Memorable advice
– Future traveling aspirations

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