Highlights: Bonei Olam Manchester Tip to Keresteir


Behind Bonei Olam’s life-changing work stands a team of selfless individuals and fundraisers — people who are dedicated to the Klal and work hard to ensure that Bonei Olam can bring bundles of joy to many more couples.

These people are the strongholds, the pillars that keep Bonei Olam standing.

A few weeks ago, the askanim and fundraisers were taken for a day trip to daven for the Bonei Olam couples waiting for a yeshua.

Bonei Olam

Bonei Olam provides support to couples struggling with infertility, at every step of the way. We help with medical referrals, counselor support, and if needed, financial assistance. Every day Bonei Olam receives requests ranging from doctor referrals to requests to pay for complex medical treatments. With every call for help, we understand that a couple yearns for a child. Every story and every need is unique, and that is why every person calling is treated with care and dignity. To date, bezres hashem, Bonei Olam has been instrumental in bringing more than 12,000 into the world, with the numbers growing steadily.

To find out more about our work or to make a donation please visit

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