The Generous Businessman Who Gives Away Millions Every Year – R’ Bentzion Heitner


What would you do if you woke up and suddenly had hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank?

Meet Bentzion Heitner, a hard-working Canadian businessman and philanthropist who sold his business for many hundreds of millions of dollars not too long ago.

Since then, he’s given millions away to charities across the world.

He’s lived in New Zealand, Australia, London and has been in Toronto since 1981.

Oh, and he married a girl from Austria for good measure. You’ll notice his unique accent as a world traveler.

Mr. Heitner shared what inspires him, as well as the challenges he faces in the relatively unique position he is in.

He gives so much of his money away, which makes him the perfect person to speak to about how to give charity, the connections he makes along the way, why he gives and where.

He also dropped valuable advice for those who want to create a SUCCESSFUL business.

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