URI DAVIDI – We Will Sing Again (Acapella) | אורי דוידי


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URI DAVIDI – We Will Sing Again (Acapella) | אורי דוידי
Composed by: Yitzy Waldner
Lyrics by: Miriam Israeli
Choir by: Zemiros Choir
Acapella produced by Yonaton Stern


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Marching by the river banks of Babylon
Exiled from our land, the glory that has gone
What the future’s gonna be, no one can say
Crying bitterly as we look behind
Knowing what we’ve lost, but not what we will find
Holding our harps so tight, on our way

But while we cry we smile, our song lives on
For we knew

That we will sing again
They will hear us far and wide
We will sing again
We won’t cast the harp aside
From afar gathering
In a chorus that will ring
Oh, We will sing again
Walking through our lives
we shed so many tears
Challenges we meet, our sorrows and our fears
Yet we know tomorrow , there’ll be reason to sing
So we keep alive the legacy of old
The music of the past echoes in our souls
We will always have our faith through everything

But while we cry we smile, our song lives on
For we know

That we will sing again
There will always be a time
We will sing again
And the light of old will shine
It’ll be very soon
Every heart will play that tune
Oh, we will sing again

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