Vibe X Varem – Zaltz Band ft. Levy Falkowitz & Shira Choir – לוי פולקוביץ, מקהלת שירה, ותזמורת זאלץ


It’s got an incredible Vibe, & oh yes, is it Varem!
The perfect combination of a dynamic fusion of Levy Falkowitz & The Zaltz Band!

Blending today’s hits with a vintage touch:
When Levy & Zaltz first initiated collaborating on a project, their creative chemistry yielded this MEGA video – unleashing a symphony of sound that defies the boundaries of time!

With the soaring voices of Shira Choir, led by Yoily Horowitz adding that perfect finishing touch.
Visionaire Naftali Schnitzler set the tone with the inspiration of taking the mix of songs with a ‘Vibe’ to it and giving it the ‘Varemeh’ sound.

This unique collaboration promises to leave you breathless, brace yourself & buckle up for this sheer musical magnificence that will exceed your expectations!

– – – – –

Music by: Zaltz Band
Sung By: Levy Falkowitz
Arrangments & Band Leader: Shloimy Zaltzman
Choir: Shira Choir (Led By Yoily Horowitz)
Filmed by: Motty Engle
Edited by: Motty Berkowitz
Live Sound & Production: Chesky Levy & Co
Mix: Chaim Gottesman (+972 52-715-5951)
Logistics & Stage: Chesky Herzog
Artwork: Tzvi Fishoff
Stage Manager: AJ Ravenell

– – –

Thank You for your input in the video:
The man, the myth, the legend – Motty Berkowitz, What. A. Job!
Pinny Lunger our esteemed guitarist!
Chesky Herzog for your incredible friendship & support of the band!
Motty Feldman for your tremendous input and guidance!

– – –

Achas – Mordechai Shapiro
Taamu – Benny Friedman
Ashira – Mordechai Shapiro
KudshaBrichu – Shlepping Nachas
Asarah Bnei Adam – Yaakov Shwekey & Aaron Razel
Final Instrumentation – Avrumi Sandler Band (UK)

– – –

Connect with Zaltz:
☎️ +1 (845) 598-9205

Follow Levy:
Bookings: (845) 821 9970 /

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