Hershy Weinberger – Baleicht Aleh Velten | באלייכט אלע וועלטן – הערשי וויינבערגער


In the town of Lublin, the residents sought guidance from the revered Chozeh about a person they believed was spreading harmful rumors. Surprisingly, when they showed the Chozeh the name of the accused, he declared this person to be a tzaddik, radiant with goodness. Confused, the townsfolk visited the slanderer’s home and found him lighting the menorah. Intrigued, they returned to the Chozeh, who explained that the act of lighting a menorah fills the world with great light. “When a Yid lights Chanukah lecht,” he proclaimed, “he lights up the entire world and shines and shines!”

This story serves as a reminder that seemingly small mitzvos, such as lighting the menorah, are deeply significant to Hashem and cast a spiritual light that illuminates the world.

Music Credits:
Performed by: Hershy Weinberger
Music by: Shea Kaller Band
Rearranged & Orchestrated by: Shea Kaller
Post Production: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Choir: Shira Choir | Yoely Horowitz
Mixed by: Shlome Wechter | Volume Studios

Video produced by: Meir Ungar

Live event produced by: Shloime Steinmetz

Live Sound & LED: Dynamic Productions
Live Sound Engineer: Eli Lishinsky
VJ: VisuaLive | Shmulik
Drone Footage: Yoni Steinfeld | Two Tone
Venue: Weylin
Event Planner: Eli Friedman Production
Stage Management: Chaim Loeb & Sruly Blumenfeld

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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