INCOMPLET ft. Binyomin Miller – Yeshiva Nishmas HaTorah | בן מילר – לא שלם


Yeshiva Nishmas HaTorah presents INCOMPLET, an original song & music video from Ben Miller and Mint Media! This is a completely normal music video. Completely. Normal.

Song & Lyrics:
Binyomin Miller

Music Production & Arrangement:
Simcha Leiner Studios

Binyomin Miller

Directed By:
Moshe Niehaus
Moshe Shindler

Produced By:
Usher Weldler

Edited By:
Jeremy Lewis

Executive Producers:
Chayale Kaufman
Esti Neustadt

Senior Production Manager:
Moshe Niehaus

Director Of Photography
Elimelech Flam

Lighting & Set Design
Zachary Snygg


Did you ever eat a half slice of pizza?
Ever have some gilah rinah without any ditzah?
Did you ever do half a puzzle?
Have a Sa’ir Lashem without the Azazel?
Did you ever sleep half a bagel?
Did you ever wash one hand for naigel?
Ever daven without a minyan?
Ever have a yeshiva with half a binyan?

I feel so incomplete, like a centipede with no feet
Hillel covered in snow, on his whole guf
But not on our building, ‘cuz we don’t have a roof
I feel so out of place, like I’m missing a part of my face
Please fill the blanks, connect the dots, and color in the lines

Ever teach halacha ve’ein morin?
Ever eat a chatzi eved, chatzi ben chorin?
We learn the sugya of chatzi davar
‘Cuz we have a building without a cover

Tears in the Rosh Yeshiva’s eyes
Two-by-fours waiting to be cut to size
White hairs in the Rosh Yeshiva’s beard
Spackle just waiting to be shmeared
Of course this is all a metaphor
Because we’re building so much more

I feel so incomplete
Like a meat board with no meat
Like a chair without a seat
Like pants without a pleat
I’m feeling so forlorn, like a baby that was never born
Like a rose without a thorn, like a shofar with no horn

Your checks need some signatories
We need you, we need you, to complete our stories

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