Eicha – feat. Gavriel Pelcovitz – Acapella Edition


With the three weeks upon us, I feel grateful to be able to share the acapella version of the song Eicha which was released on Miracles 3 .

This song expresses a tragic timeless story that’s still unfolding for us as a nation. We have yet to see the end of it, although we’re holding on so tight for it. The question of eicha- how could this be? is one that confounds each of us daily as we’re hit with a new wave of pain for all of the suffering that goes on around us. How is it that a tragedy of thousands of years ago is still playing out in real time every day- in childless couples, waiting singles, sick children, lost broken souls and even in our own confusion and lack of clarity? At times like this we ask Eicha – how could it be that things have gone so far from where we hoped and thought they would ? The answer to the all of these questions is painful but simple. Once , Hashem had a house on this world , a place for the shechinah to rest among us, and then it was burned to the ground. Since then, generation after generation has been left trying to fill that void , keeping hashem’s presence within us as best as we can. But It’s hard to fathom the pain of a father who has countless children in the world who don’t even know that He is their father .

One of my listeners shared with me that hearing this song was her first opportunity to connect to the pain of golus not just through the Holocaust or the tragedies we face today, but to connect and feel the pain of the Shechina at the destruction of the beis hamikdosh.

May the question of eicha give way to a song of redemption in our lives and for our entire nation speedily.

Composed By: Chayala Neuhaus
Originally Released On: Miracles 3
Produced By: Doni Gross
Sung By: Gavriel Pelcovitz
Background Vocals: Craig Resmovitz

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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