Feeling other People’s Pain – Inspiration with Reb Shea Rubenstein. (Ep.22)


In this week’s installment of “Words of Inspiration by Reb Shea,” he reviews a very compelling question that the Tzfas Emes asks about Chana in Tanach.

When Eli HaKohen observes Chana praying in the Mishkan, he assumed she was drunk since she appeared to be talking to herself. When Chana said that she was just immersed in davening, he blessed her that she should return home as her prayers have already been answered. How could he change his mind so rapidly from thinking she was drunk to declaring that Hashem is with her?

The Tzfas Emes explains that when a person is hurting, those around him feel his pain. Eli HaKohen wasn’t disturbed by Chana’s pain because he saw that she was sincere and that Hashem had already helped her.

When Hashem answers our prayers, we can exude confidence since we know he is with us.

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