Crying to Hashem for the Good – Inspiration with Reb Shea Rubenstein (Ep.17)


In this week’s Inspiration with Reb Shea, we learn the valuable lesson of crying out to Hashem for the blessings we have, not just the yesurim.

There’s a story about 2 men that went to the Kosel to daven and they were distracted by another man who was engrossed in an emotional display of tefillah. Hearing him sobbing and wailing, they approached him seeing how they can assist in his time of crises.

In turns out, there was no time of crises. The man explained to them that he was crying out of joy thanking Hashem for all the good in his life. The 63 year old man had just married off his youngest daughter out of 9 other children. He was overcome with hakaras hatov for all the good( and even bad) that Hashem has done for him and wanted to express that at the kotel.

We tend to focus on the negative, lets stop and recognize all the good that is bestowed on us too.

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