Why Did R’ Chaim Answer So Many letters?


00:00 Introduction
2:55 – Clarifications and Additions to Likut Seforim episode
9:20 – Letters of R’ Chaim
15:12 – Samples of Letters of R Chaim; Using Works of Saul Leiberman and R’ Kehati
17:59 – Why does R’ Chaim spend so much time answering questions?
22:20 – Serving the Tzibur at the expense of writing Seforim
25:00 – Rav’s obligations to answering questions
30:00 – What the Aderet did when his Kehila was behind on paying him
33:38 – R’ Chaim Volozhiner’s Legacy: The Nefesh Hachaim
37:00 R Mordechai Gimpel Yafeh’s Mesorah from Volozhin
45:20 New Sefer

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