Yiddish Nachas’dig Ep. 02 – A Shabbes at the Armon Hotel in Stamford Ct with Families of Rayim.


We’re proud to present to you the 2nd Episode in the brand new series called “Yiddish Nachas’dig” premium selected footage filmed behind the scenes at events where the Kinderlach of Yiddish Nachas performed, just to show you some small glimpse of the effort and work the kids put into each and every performance starting from when the gig gets confirmed till the drive home afterwards.

Episode 02 was filmed at a gateway Shabbes for the family’s of the well known Rayim Org where the Yiddish Nachas kids were brought to enhance the Shabbes meals & Davening.

Filmed & Edited by Volvi Spitzer

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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