Zechor – Yossi Lissauer (Official Music Video) | זכור – יוסי ליסוער


I am delighted to introduce my debut music video, “Zechor,” featuring a composition by Yitzy Waldner and production by
Motti Gantz – Y&Y Lissauer.

Having served as a cantor for over 14 years, performing and leading the Davening in Shuls worldwide, I developed a strong passion for music. However, I recently decided to shift my focus from the cantorial world to the realm of heartwarming Jewish music, and I will be accepting performance gigs.

How all this came together, last summer, I reached out to the producer of this project, Motti, and expressed my interest in collaborating on a music video. We drove down to Lakewood to meet with Yitzy Waldner, and together, we crafted this beautiful melody, which I am confident you will thoroughly enjoy. Motti together with Shimmy Strohly worked on the music arrangement for the video, and the result is a stunning piece of music that I encourage you to experience firsthand.

Produced by: Motti Gantz – Y&Y Lissauer
Composed by: Yitzy Waldner.
Music Arranged by: Shimon Strohly & Motti Gantz.
Vocals Recorded by: Motti Gantz
Mixed by: Shimon Strohly.
Mastered by: Itzik Filiba.
Video by: Ynon Shbuli

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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