Zusha Reb Shayaleh || זושא ר׳ שעי׳לה


Disclaimer*** There is music in this video, if you are not listening to music during this period you can mute and just connect to the visual journey to the tzadik.

Today, the third of Iyyar is the yartzeit/anniversary of passing of Reb Shayaleh from Kerestir. He was a tremendously righteous tzadik who was known for his ability to feed the bodies and souls of all those who came to see him. Nowadays we connect by recalling his memory and his kindness. His impact can still be felt as he still fills our bellies with nourishment and our hearts with inspiration. This video is our journey to visit his grave on this date three years ago. Thousands go every year to pray and ask Hashem for blessings on this auspicious day. May his merit protect us all and bless us with health, wealth, and shefa bracha.

video directed by Shimmy Socol

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