A Tribute to DEDI | Yanky Briskman – Menachem Moskowitz – Yedidim Choir


In the world of Jewish music, Dedi z”l has undeniably paved the way and influenced generations through his work. His spirited and uplifting melodies have touched the hearts of fans across the globe and continue to bring much joy today. Dedi dedicated himself wholeheartedly to his craft, infusing his singing with an intense fervor and boundless joy.

As performers, we are fortunate to bring Dedi’s songs to life at simchos on a regular basis. Sitting down in the studio together, we crafted this medley to make the delight we experience in Dedi’s music night after night be everlasting. “A Tribute to Dedi” is our way of honoring and perpetuating Dedi’s radiant legacy.

Intro: Chevron (Composed by: Mona Rosenblum)
Song 1: V’koivei Hashem (Composed by: Ishay Lapidot)
Song 2: Kulanu (Composed by: Mona Rosenblum)
Song 3: Elokai Neshama (Composed by: Yossi Green)
Song 4: Chesed (Composed by: Yossi Green)
Song 5: Rotzoh (Composed by: Yossi Green)
Song 6: Lecha Etain (Composed by: Mona Rosenblum)
Song 7: Od Yishoma (Composed by: Yossi Green)
Song 8: Ki Heim (Composed by: Yossi Green)
Song 9: Hu Yigal (Composed by: Ishay Lapidot)
Song 10: V’ohavto (Composed by: Mona Rosenblum)
Song 11: Zocheh (Composed by: Yaakov Zingboim)

Arranged by: Yanky Briskman
Band: Yanky Briskman Orchestra
Vocals: Menachem Moskowitz
Choir: Yedidim Choir, led by Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Directed by: Shmiel Hersh Miller
Recorded and filmed at Douglass Studios
Studio engineer: Irving Gadoury, assisted by Matthew Hunke
Mixed by: Chaim Gottesman
Post Production: Shlome Wechter
Video filmed by: Motty Engel & Shmuly Lichtman
Video edited by: Leiby Weider, Studio 62
Thumbnail: Avrumy.com
Special thanx to Ushi Tessler & F.S. Production

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