Abie Rotenberg & Shloime Gertner – Baruch Hashem It’s Shabbos! | שלומי גרטנר


Baron Herzog Presents “Baruch Hashem It’s Shabbos!” the Music Video.

Dedicated L’kavod Shabbos.

Produced by:

Filmed by:
Olam Media, Schwartz Brothers Media,
Signature Video Productions,
Yitzy Schwartz – Wave Films

Song Commissioned by
Baron Herzog

Song Concept by
Mordy Herzog / Motty Landau

Song Written & Composed by
Abie Rotenberg

Performed by
Abie Rotenberg & Shloime Gertner

Arranged by
Doni Gross

Special Thanks:
Nachman & Shmully Herzog
, Yussi Weisz,
Yocheved Schlesinger,
Hudi Katz
, Leba Neiman
, Rivi Brauner,
Ari Kasowitz,
Shlomo Wolf
, Nussy Rosenberg
, Rivka Levi

[WordFiltered]: https://[WordFiltered].com/getnermusic
[WordFiltered]: https://[WordFiltered].com/gertnermusic
[WordFiltered]: https://apple.co/2XEipKv
Website: https://www.gertnermusic.com

For Bookings: Shalom Vagshal VMP +972-587112233

Watch on [WordFiltered]: https://tfs.app.link/m3WsYfK0Ayb


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