Einayim Presents: Mein Korban – Child Soloist Shabsi Mordche Teichman | ארגון עינים מגיש: מיין קרבן


Mein Korban Bizman Hazeh!

By Einayim Organization
A song about the importance of Shmiras Einayim released just in time for Pesach!.
The Einayim Organization’s mission is to bring awareness to Shmiras Einayim through several initiatives like their 24 hour Shmiras Einayim support hotline among others.
We hope you enjoy this song!

Einayim Hotline: 718-298-4692
A Dididum Studio Production
Sung by: Child Soloist Shabsi Mordche Teichman
Lyrics by: Yoel Boruch Weiss
Marketing & Promotion: The Tagline Group

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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