Abisel – Blue Melody Featuring Beri Weber | אביסל – בלו מלודי ובערי וועבער


BlueBeri is back!
Every year, during this season, Hashem celebrates the (re)creation of the world, and looks down on His beloved children and asks us what we need. R’ Beri Weber, with unparalleled vocals and emotion, asks for what each of us hope for: Just ABISEL. Backed by the amazing Blue Melody Group, R’ Beri davens to a backdrop of impeccable polish and groove! Listen and let Abisel inspire you. – Ari

Blue Melody Group is:

Ari Boiangiu – Guitar
Jason Teborek – Keyboard
Mitch Friedman – Bass
Tzvi Plaut – Drums
Pesach Nestlebaum – Violin

BONUS : Download and audio version of this video here:

Filmed and recorded at the wedding of Eli and Chedva Epstein
Music by: Blue Melody
Song composed by: Moshe Klein
Arranged and produced by: Blue Melody, I & Me Media
Associate Producer: Chad Kaminetzky
Sound by: Livesound Productions
Strings by: SPN Events
Video Shot by & Edited by: Sruly Saftlas
Audio edited, mixed, and mastered by: Yaniv Balas
Additional Vocals recorded at: Edgeware Studios

Blue Melody PR: I & Me Media [ [WordFiltered]: @iandme.media ]

Video sponsored by: NYOrtho,
Providing Patient Safety & Comfort Through Design and Innovation

To have Blue Melody perform at your simcha:
Call 732.908.2583 (BLUE)
Email: Bluemelodygroup@gmail.com
[WordFiltered]: https://www.[WordFiltered].com/bluemelody

Connect with Beri:
Contact Beri Weber – NR Management 845-537-5743

Copyright 2022 by Blue Melody Group – All rights reserved.

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