Shaya Lexier – Higaleh Na | הגלה נא – שעיה לקסיר


Higaleh Na is a short few sentences of a small poem. Its striking words cry a message of yearning that has ignited the hearts of the Jewish people for centuries.

All we want as the Jewish nation, is to be the people we’re supposed to be, with each persons’ uniqueness shining forth, enlightening the world around us.

That is what will take place during the ultimate redemption, and we hope for that day, may it come speedily.

From me to you,

Shaya Lexier.

Composed and sung by Shaya Lexier
Produced by Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry
Qanun by Amir Alayev
Guitar and Bass by Nachman Helbitz
Cover art by Yehuda Raice


Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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