Baruch Levine & Shmueli Ungar: Zeh Hakatan | ברוך לוין ושמילי אונגר: זה הקטן (Official Music Video)


Song Composed by: Baruch Levine
Song Produced & Arranged by: Doni Gross
Video Produced by: Motty Berkowitz
Gaffer: David Alexander
Set Designer: Shani Berkowitz
Project Coordinator: Sruly Blumenfeld
Colorist: Rafi Barides
Brass Section: Danny Flam, Kai Sandoval, Itay Goldberg
Baruch Levine Marketing: I & Me Media
Special Thanks: GCNY Marketing

The all new Baruch Levine album is Now Available for Purchase & Streaming Everywhere:

Copyright 2023 by Baruch Levine – All rights reserved.

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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