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We all know that feeling of satisfaction when you find yourself filling up a cup of wine after a long day or week of achievements and good news.
It’s the thing that spurs you to go visit a family member or friend to share your recent successes….
It’s the moment when you spontaneously pick up a phone to express your gratitude for someone…
The overwhelming sensation that surrounds you when you are at a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Bris, Kiddush, or any Simcha with your loved ones…..
That indescribable feeling is what we call a celebration!

Today is כא ב’אב
The 21st day in Chodesh Av
Which is 40 days before the new year on the Hebrew calendar, the day we crown Hashem as our father and king. It is also the day that he accepts us as his children and Chosen nation.
The Gemara says ארבעים יום קודם יצירת הוולד מכרוזים בת פלוני לפלוני
Forty days before the birth of a child, a voice comes out and says Daughter of so-and-so to the son of so-and-so.
So, if Rosh Hashanah is the day Hashem and his children are united, then today is the day that the decree is proclaimed up in the Heavens….
Now, this is certainly a time that deserves a celebration, and a joyful Chag Sameach video is a great way to express just that!
This music video showcases some of the great celebrations in life, like a Bar Mitzvah, a wedding, closing a business deal, etc., but the highlight by far is the joy of being a Jew!
חג שמח!!!
A few months ago, I had the privilege to sing my new song CHAG SAMEACH in the center of Times Square in NYC, arguably the crossroads of the world, with upwards of half a million people visiting daily.
The event was put together by Chabad C-Teens, an organization that brings together thousands of Jewish teens from close to 50 countries worldwide, to introduce them to their roots and teach them the beauty of Yiddishkeit. This concert gives them the opportunity to dance, sing, and yell out שמע ישראל ה` אלוקינו ה`אחד!

Video Credits:
A MUDEO Production
Directed by | Moshe Grunfeld
Cinematography | Austin Hein & Moshe Grunfeld
Focus Pulling |Tyce Hoskins & Anthony Decroce
Special Thanks | Gershy Schwarcz, Rafi Barides & Motty Berkowitz

Song Credits:
Composed by | BERI & Hershy Weinberger
Lyrics by | Miriam Israeli, Yaeli Abramson & David Gindis
Intro Music Arranger | Naftali Schnitzler
Vocal production| Yossi Gluck & Gershy Schwarcz
Backup Vocals by | BERI, Shmueli Ungar, Gershy Schwarcz
Music Production & Mix by | Moishe Klein
Mastering | Itzik Filiba

לחן: בערי והערשי וויינבערגער
רעיון: הערשי וויינבערגער
מילים: מ. א. יעלי אברהמסון, דוד גינדיס
הפקה קולית: יוסי גליק וגערשי שווארץ
קולות: בערי, שמילי אונגר, גערשי שווארץ
הפקת פתיחה: נפתלי שניצלער
הפקה ומיקס: מוישי קליין

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