Birdland Yochi Briskman Orchestra (cover) יוחי בריסקמן ביג באנד


One of the first jazz-fusion masterpieces by Joe Zawinul,
Birdland’s driving rhythm truly captures the energy of the New York music scene where the song was born.
Birdland has been covered by everyone from
Weather Report to Manhattan Transfer,
here the Yochi Briskman Orchestra All-Star Big Band pays tribute to the classic Maynard Ferguson version with this rocking arrangement

הפקתו ותזמורתו של יוחי בריסקמן מעובד בסגנון ביג באנד

recorded live at the hertz-levin wedding
3/8/20 at the legacy castle

produced and conducted by yochi briskman

audio mixed by aj greenwald & r weingarten
video filmed by motty engel and ben hesh
video edited by platinum edit

yochi briskman
+1 718-438-5608

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