Bobov March – Spirited Performance by Shira and Mendy H Band -מארש באבוב – מקהלת שירה ומנדי הרשקוביץ


Classic songs are treasured by listeners over the arc of many generations. Many such songs owe their nostalgia and wide acceptance to their perfect simplicity and wholesomeness. This Bobov march, composed by Rabbi Chaim Duvid Blum, of blessed memory, falls squarely within that realm.

Covering such a classic—indeed, attempting to embellish it—is a careful, skillful task for which Shira is particularly well suited. This is part of our ongoing series of refining and refreshing old, Chassidic songs.

Here, too, Shira’s talented voices, and wonderful chemistry with the inimitable Mendy Hershkowitz Band and classical arrangements by maestro Yisroel Lamm only serve to elevate this wonderful composition for the appreciation by a whole new generation of listeners.

Performed live at a recent simcha in Brooklyn.

Production: Shraga F. Gold
Composed by: R’ Chaim Duvid Blum z”l
Performed by: Shira Choir
Music by: The Mendy H Band
Arranged by: Yisroel Lamm
Live sound and engineering by: Levi Parkas
Mixed by: V-gold beat production (917-854-0280)
Video shoot by: Motty Engel
Video edit by: InSight Studio

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