Compilation: IDF Troops Destroyed Hamas’ Multi-Level Tunnel Underneath Gaza City


Over the past few weeks, IDF troops conducted operational activity in the Issa area in the southern part of Gaza City; a tunnel network serving as an underground post and numerous buildings used as Hamas headquarters were destroyed

As part of operations in the south of Gaza City, soldiers of the Yiftah Battalion (11th) and combat engineering forces struck Hamas headquarters in the Issa area. The soldiers identified a terrorist cell attempting to attack the forces and eliminated them in close-quarters combat. In the operations in the Issa area, many Hamas terrorists were eliminated, along with many buildings used for terrorist activities and weapons that were destroyed.

Soldiers of the Paratroopers Brigade who were operating in the area located and discovered a number of shafts leading to a significant undergound tunnel route.

Soldiers of the Yahalom Unit and the Oketz K-9 Unit examined the significant and strategic underground tunnel route beneath the “Issa” post – used as an underground base by the Hamas terrorist organization. This multi-level structure served as an underground post. Its floors were used for storage, hideouts, command and control, and movement of operatives between different areas. After investigating with various technological means and in collaboration with the combat engineering forces of the 99th Division, the soldiers destroyed the underground tunnel route.

The IDF released footage from the Marom Brigade’s Oketz K-9 Unit’s dog cameras, revealing a tunnel network hundreds of meters long, including command and communication rooms, hideouts with dozens of meters of space, concrete bunkers, and water and electricity installations. So far in the war, the unit’s soldiers and dogs have scanned dozens of tunnels, locating findings that allow the forces to enter the tunnels.

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