Dr. Dovid Friedman – Healing with Heart; Visionary Leadership at CHEMED and Beyond


In our first episode of Season 2, we sit down for a conversation with Dr. Dovid Friedman, the CEO and driving force behind CHEMED Health Centers in Lakewood.

We discuss his incredible journey from South Africa to Israel and then to Lakewood. He explains why he chose to run a health center instead of pursuing one of the most prominent and lucrative positions in the administrative healthcare world. Dr. Friedman transformed CHEMED from a modest Jewish center in Lakewood, as perceived by the New Jersey Department of Health, into the state’s foremost healthcare facility. His success lies in his medical expertise, which is enriched by the guidance of daas torah and a wealth of compassion.

Discover how he heals bodies, uplifts souls, and shapes healthcare’s future in Lakewood and beyond.

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