Rabbi Lipa Schwartz – Meet the Chessed Powerhouse Behind Misameach


In this episode we had the privilege of speaking with Lipa Schwartz, the founder and executive director of Misameach, an incredible organization that has touched the lives of countless people by lifting the spirits of children and adults who are hospitalized, bedridden, or have physical disabilities.

Lipa’s journey began with a conversation at a lunch table which led to just a small act of kindness, where he visited a sick person, and it snowballed into something much bigger. Misameach started with just one act of kindness, but it has since become a beacon of hope for people who are facing difficult times.

During our conversation with Lipa, we were inspired by the incredible stories he shared about many of the frum singers and entertainers who join him on his mission to bring joy to those in need. These performers go to great lengths to bring a smile to someone’s face, and their dedication to Misameach’s mission is truly remarkable.

Join us as we explore Lipa’s journey and learn more about the amazing work that Misameach is doing, bringing joy and happiness to those who need it most.

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