80th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising



On April 19, 1943 the SS attempted the final liquidation of the Warsaw Ghetto, with the goal of deporting the last Jews of the Ghetto to the gas chambers at Treblinka. Most entered their bunkers and the fighters began firing on the SS who had entered the Ghetto in order to commence the deportation. The SS retreated and their commander Jurgen Stroop resorted to burning down the entire ghetto which eventually crushed the uprising and the survivors were deported to Treblinka and Majdanek.ย 
This episode will attempt to clarify some of these events and explore some of the questions that hindsight affords the luxury of speculating. Was the armed resistance an exercise in futility? Would perhaps more have survived had they not resisted the attempt to deport the last ones to Treblinka?
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