What is Life Like with Parkinson’s Disease?


It’s your familiar morning routine – the alarm clock awakens you, and you peek at the sun’s light filtering through your window. Swinging your legs over the bed, you feel the warm, fuzzy carpet beneath your feet.

But what if, one day, your legs don’t cooperate and refuse to swing over the bed as they always have? For those battling Parkinson’s disease, even small movements are day-to-day victories in an ongoing struggle. Every task becomes an uphill battle, like simply getting out of bed or lifting a spoon to eat.

In 2013, Rabbi Gruskin found himself in this challenging position, alone and without help. There were no organizations, no resources, and no assistance available, and despair loomed. However, instead of surrendering, he made a groundbreaking decision: he would ensure that, in the future, no one should ever have to face this journey alone. That’s when LifeSparks was born.

LifeSparks has since grown into a lifeline for those in need, welcoming a new member daily. What started as a small spark grew into a blazing flame. They provide access to top doctors and insurance, share essential resources, and offer crucial emotional and psychological support. Their Lakewood headquarters houses therapy rooms, consultation rooms, a large office staff, and a fully equipped kitchen, allowing therapists to help members learn to navigate in their new way of life.

Rabbi Gruskin’s message is clear: ‘Don’t let stigma hold you back. If you or someone you know has Parkinson’s, reach out to LifeSparks early for a better quality of life.

The only hurdle in LifeSparks’ mission is funding. Join us in supporting this vital cause and our community. Please help Rabbi Gruskin meet his goal for those challenged with Parkinson’s. https://thechesedfund.com/lifespark/victoryignited/teams/rabbigruskin

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