The Secret Skills of Sales with Sales Coach Menashe Friedman


Let’s Talk Business Episode 181: The Secret Skills of Sales with Sales Coach Menashe Friedman

Sales is what drives your business, and qualified salespeople are your lifeline. But what skills are necessary for success in sales, and can they actually be taught? In this fascinating episode of Let’s Talk Business, traveling salesman turned sales coach Menashe Friedman offers Meny the secrets that help turn regular people into dynamic and effective salesmen. Listen in as they discuss the importance of listening, the skills that drive sales success, why an emphasis on numbers may be misleading, how to transform a failed sales call into a win, why promoting your best salesman to a leadership position is often a mistake, the best way to react when you misread the room, and much more.

[00:01 – 10:57] The Evolution of a Sales Maestro

The importance of adapting and evolving in sales
Learning from failures is more valuable than celebrating successes
Continuous education and adaptation are key to sales longevity

[10:58 – 22:03] Listening: The Ultimate Sales Weapon

Active listening helps uncover the real needs of clients
Questions are more powerful than pitches in sales conversations
Patience in listening can reveal the exact solution a client needs

[22:04 – 34:50] Introverts vs. Extroverts in Sales

Introverts can leverage their listening skills to build deep connections
Extroverts can use their energy to engage and motivate clients
Adaptation and self-awareness are crucial for sales success, regardless of personality type

[34:51 – 48:21] Crafting a Winning Sales Process

A tailored sales process increases efficiency and success rates
Flexibility within a structured approach can meet diverse client needs
The sales process should evolve with market trends and customer feedback

[48:22 – 52:30] Leadership and Bluntness in Sales

Effective leadership involves clear, honest feedback and guidance
A balance between kindness and firmness can motivate sales teams
Recognizing and addressing the unique needs of each salesperson fosters a productive sales environment

Key Quotes:

“Listening is not just a skill; it’s your secret weapon in sales.” – Menashe Friedman

“In sales, your personality is not your destiny; it’s your starting point.” – Menashe Friedman

“Every opportunity we have to learn and grow, it’s positive, it’s forward movement.” – Menashe Friedman

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