Eli Begun – In Our Darkest Times (Official Music Video)


Eli Begun has created a song that will reach the hearts and minds of Jewish people throughout the world. In light of what is happening in our world today, the message is such a crucial and timely one. โ€œIn Our Darkest Timesโ€ goes through the journey of our struggles we have on a daily basis. We feel alone sometimes. But we need to see that Hashem is with usโ€ฆโ€ฆ.โ€In The Darkest Timesโ€.

Composer- Eli Begun
Lyrics- Eli Begun/ S Begun
Arranger- Eli Begun
Mix/Master- Yaniv Balas
Drums- Gal Gershovsky
Piano- Chananya Begun
Violin- Joe Deninzohn
Guitar- Eric Shachar
Music Video Director- Tzvi Simchon


Sometimes we live alone, We cant see the light
Life so cold, thereโ€™s no good in sight
We donโ€™t know how Weโ€™ll go on
Asking ourselves, is he with me


Where are you, We need to see you, We need you to be with us in our darkest times.

In our darkest times

We try so hard, thereโ€™s no where to run
Itโ€™s so hard to take, when We donโ€™t see the sun
Losing ourselves, floating away
Cant take much more, is he with me

You have been on this painful journey for so many years. Constantly fighting just to get through the day.
But maybe, just maybe you have it all wrong. Maybe your not alone. Maybe you just canโ€™t see the bigger picture. Maybe Hashem has been with you the whole time. When you felt pain, it was really love. When You saw tragedy, it was to bring us close. Perhaps he has been guiding you through it all!

Now itโ€™s becoming so so clear!

Final chorus:

We found you, now We can see you, We needed you, and you were there in our darkest times



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