Fresh Start – Healing Begins Here, Sometimes You Need a Fresh Start

Healing Begins Here, Sometimes You Need a Fresh Start

You gave me the strength that I never knew I had.
Depression, anxiety, and addiction are often direct responses to complex childhood traumas. They hinder the ability to live a truly peaceful and resilient lifestyle and frequently get in the way of relationships and functionality in society.

Paving the path for recovery, Fresh Start is the first step that hundreds of men and women in our community need. In the 7-day retreat, a clinical team of doctors, trauma experts, and world-renowned professionals carefully guide each person through their individual journey to recovery.

Fresh Start is unique because although it includes numerous external factors, the participants are encouraged to find healing within themselves, to re-parent and re-discover their hurt inner child. With separate retreats for men and women, the program aims to cut between 1-3 years of therapy. When done right, 7 days can feel like an entire lifetime.

Members describe the week-long program as eye-opening and life-transforming. In the words of a retreat participant from 2023, There are no words to describe this experience. I am overcome with emotion at how I’m leaving here a different person than when I came.

Fresh Start isn’t just a retreat, it’s a family. The care and assistance extends to more than just the 7 days of their flagship retreat program. Staff relationships remain as a supportive anchor, offering post-retreat webinars, referrals for alumni, and general trauma education.

In 2024, Fresh Start intends to launch Rabbinical training and seminars for school teachers about the topic. In addition, they will host educational workshops that cover areas of concern in the world of trauma and addiction.
This week, give trauma survivors a chance to heal. In a unifying fundraiser, we will use the power of community to display our compassion and care for one another and our aspiration and hope for recovery.

Invest in Fresh Start. Invest in the healing of our community’s trauma.

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