Highlights: Boro Park Kinnus Lag Baomer 2024


Boro Park experienced a sensational Kiddush Hashem as nearly 20,000 children gathered for a Kinus Lag Ba’omer in the center of town – 13th Ave.

A rich program filled with lessons and entertainment for all ages.

Highlights of this year’s parade included:

The recitation of the 12 Pesukim.

The Lag Ba’omer themed Niggunim “Hinei Mah Tov” and “Ani Ma’amin” led by singer Shmueli Ungar and the Yiddish Nachas Choir.

A live play on stage named “The Wonder Wand” was performed by master storyteller and actor Shimon Yoel Klein.

A special interactive Yetzer Horah Combat video presentation was prepared specially for the event.

Making every child’s room a “Cheder Tzivos Hashem” and a “Mikdash Me’at” was the theme of this year’s parade.

In that spirit, every child walked home with a “Make Your Own Pushka” kit enabling all children to bring the message home in a very tangible and personalized way.

Children walked home inspired and motivated to strengthen their connection to Hashem. Many children expressed their excitement to transform their room into a place for Hashem, ultimately preparing for the imminent arrival of Moshiach!

The event is produced by Tzivos Hashem of Boro Park under Rabbi Aron Ginsberg.

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