Jewish Life Down Under in the Most Remote Community – Rabbi David Freilich


Rabbi David Freilich, a distinguished figure, held the esteemed position of Chief Rabbi at The Perth Hebrew Congregation for an impressive tenure spanning from 1988 to 2018. Nestled in the far reaches of Australia, Perth stands as one of the world’s most isolated communities, adding a layer of complexity to Rabbi Freilich’s role in shepherding this tight-knit community.

In our compelling conversation, we delve into the remarkable challenges Rabbi Freilich faced in overseeing this smaller yet vibrant congregation. Additionally, we explore the poignant impact of Avinoam Grossman AH’s passing on the community and how it influenced Rabbi Freilich’s personally.

Amidst the trials and triumphs, we unravel the pinnacle moments that defined Rabbi Freilich’s tenure as Chief Rabbi, underlining his profound connection to the artistry of chazanus. This engrossing journey sheds light on the profound dedication and profound influence that Rabbi Freilich brought to the spiritual tapestry of Perth’s Hebrew Congregation.


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