Koh Ribbon – Suscher Guttman | קה ריבון – יששכר גוטמן, לחן: הרב משה קעסלער


R’ Shea Rosen is proud to present the brand new Shabbos’dige melody filled with warmth and emotion “Koh Ribbon”!

This melody was composed by ‘Harav Moshe Kessler’ from the reputed Yidden in Khilשs Bobov and ‘יושב ראש מוסדות באבוב בני ציון’ (Head of Bobov instinstitutions), Harav Moshe has a nice history with music, he was the one conducting the kids choir in Bobov on Yumim Noroim, for years, he then found a talented boy named ‘Yisuscher Guttman’ and brought him in to sing in the choir, he also had some nice composition appear on Reb Moshe’s first album.

Harav Moshe marrying off his grandchild these days wanted to share with the world in honor of the Simcha a song of his, he turned to R’ Shea Rosen – Famed founder & leader of the chassidishe ‘Yingerlich’ boys choir – to produce this track and have it shared with the world.

R’ Shea had involved talented music arranger & musician ‘Avrumi Berko’ who wrote a beautiful arrangement, then R’ Shea brought in ‘Suscher Guttman’ as the lead singer, between these three talented people this came a warm, hartzig and soulful masterpiece.

Enjoy your Listen & Lets sing along……Shvuchin Asadeir 🎶

Composed by: Harav Moshe Kessler
Sung by: Suscher Guttman
Produced by: R’ Shea Rosen
Arranged by: Avrumi Berko
Choirs by: Yossi Glick
Kids Choirs by: R’ Shea Rosen
Mixed by: Chaim Yitzchok Goldman
Design & PR by: Arrange It Media

Source: YouTube (Embedded).
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