Krivim Elyonim – Avrum Mordche Schwartz כרובים עליונים אברהם מרדכי שווארץ


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Avrohom Mordechai Schwartz – Krivim Elyoinim

Song Composed by:
Anchie Friedman

Produced by: AMS

The holy chasam sofer

Music & Mix By:
Yoely Dikman

Design & Animation:
Yanky Perl
David Hershkowitz

Video Produced by:
Studio On Dot

Directed by:
Ari Levy

Assistant director:
Pinny Lunger

Assistant DP lighting:
Elizabeth Dawn Norwood

Set design:
Tuli Horowitz

Production Assistant:
Avrumy Ruttner
Zalmen Podrigal
Shloimy Levy

Special Thanks:
Shmiel Hersh Miller

And to the managment of Ateres Golda
Simcha Wenger & Yankey Jachamovitz

The power of a yiddisha machshava (thought/idea) has the strength like the maalachim/keruvim. This brand new single is the title track of the new album Kruvim Elyonim. When two giants like Anshie Friedman and Avrum Mordche Schwartz collaborate, you know you are getting something special. This song and the album has music and timeless messages of years past. They are meant to help us connect to the words of many of our Chasidic leaders including (in no particular order): Reb Nachman of Breslov, The Szanzer Ruv, The Chasam Sofer and R’ Meir Premishlan, Ahavas Yisroel of Viznitz, The Kaliver Rebbe, and the Shpoler Zaida. The songs on Kruvim Elyonim were composed over a length of time while either kumzitzing with people trying to bring them some chizuk or visiting the sick in hospitals trying take their minds off their ailments. The feelings you will get for that reason are very real, since all these songs are from the heart and Devarim Hayotzim Min Halev… The music on Kruvim Elyonim has a fresh vibrant sound. It’s all about being creative and artistic to help you feel the songs and to give them a modern feel to make it palatable. The vision of both producer and singer Avrum Mordeche and composer extraordinaire Anshie Friedman was to concentrate on the art and not commercialization, although they do want to make the music commercial in the way that more people can enjoy it. So prepare yourself for a journey unlike any other and enjoy this little taste of Kruvim Elyonim and the future of Chassidic music.

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