(OFFICIAL VIDEO) LISTEN TO YOUR NESHAMAH – Yerachmiel Begun & Baruch Levine


COMPOSED BY: Yerachmiel Begun
LYRICS: Y. & S. Begun
SUNG BY: Yerachmiel Begun, Baruch Levine
& Miami Soloist Elisha Cohen
ARRANGED BY: Donny Gross
RECORDED @: DeG Studios
EDITED BY: Miami Studios & R. Begun

0:00 Intro
2:42 Listen To You Neshamah

As the world turns around us
In directions so unknown
Pulled from every side we are
The streets even on our phones
How can we decide?
How can we really know?
When to stop and hesitate
And whenโ€™s OK to go

Our teachers give us guidance
To live life properly
How we can avoid a fall
Stay strong spiritually

But if we are not careful
It can surely take a toll
On our own we must be sure
Whatโ€™s best for our souls

Listen to your Neshamah
Can you hear it calling out your Jewish name
Its crying now for Connection
To lead you back to the spirit from where it came.

Listen to your Neshamah
And let it guide you to make you truly free
Be strong & let it conquer
Hanashamah Shenusato Bi.

How to know what music
One should really hear
How to know to guard yourself
From watching without care
The answer is on the inside
It holds that dear truth
Donโ€™t be fooled donโ€™t be swayed
By mistakes of youth

So there you have the secret
One that you can share
How to remain Kadosh
We must stay aware
When life throws us a challenge
Think of the message of this song
Hashem place his faith in you
When choosing right from wrong

The Regesh Centre is an organization promoting authentic Jewish music for women and girls.
To get more information about music workshops for schools, Sunday programs, and performances please email regeshproject@gmail.com.


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