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Yanky Orlansky Presents

A relaxing atmosphere, lavish accommodations, beautiful ambiance and gourmet foods are just some of the enchanting amenities that the Crown Plaza in Stamford, Connecticut has to offer.

On an Erev Shabbos, with the hustle and scurry of last-minute Shabbos prep, The Yedidim Choir had the honor of arriving and being welcomed with such gracious hospitality.Their host; Eli Friedman had prepared a lavish buffet with unmatched class. Yanky Orlansky and all his fellow members were ushered in with utmost warmth and generosity.

Accompanying them was Avrumy Berko and his Production. A new song called “Ko Riboin” composed by Avrumy Berko, which is a tefillah that is said every Shabbos was performed at the Hotel.

In harmony with Menachem Moskowitz, The Yiddish Nachas Live Kids Choir lead by Moishe Kraus, and Child Soloist Yossi Lax all performers achieved an astounding rendition of the familiar words to a new tune.

Ushering in Shabbos with such pleasant surroundings was just the perfect vibes needed to create a magical setting for such a beautiful performance. As the melodious voices of Menachem Moskowitz & Yossi Lax singing the beautiful song with perfect harmonies of Yedidim Choir and Yiddish Nachas Live accompanied by Avrumy Berko Productions, Shabbos that weekend was truly spectacular.

Song Composed: Avrumy Berko
Music Arranged: Avrumy Berko
Drums: Barak Ahron
Bass: Gei Dan
Piano /sfx/perc /Avrumy Berko
Guitar: Avi Singodla /Yoni Kisar
Sax: Dor Asraf
Strings: SPN Events and co. Lead be Stanislov Nikolov
Lead Singer: Menachem Moskowitz
Adult Choir: Yedidim Choir Lead by Yoel Hersh Fuchs
Child Solo; Yossi Lax
Kids Choir Yiddish Nachas Live Lead by Moshe Kraus
Mixed and Mastered: Avrumy Berko – Aberko Production

Video Set
Video producer Sharp Production
Food and set up by Eli Freidman productions
Piano: Avrumy Berko
Guitar/ode: Sendy Ziegar
Sax: Shemaya karpen
Drums: Zishy Green
Strings: Spn Events
Lead Singer: Menachem Moskowitz
Adult Choir: Yedidim Choir
Child Solo; Yossi Lax
Kids Choir Yiddish Nachas Live Lead by Moshe Kraus

For Choir Booking
The Yedidim Choir
Twiter/[WordFiltered]: @YedidimChoir

Aberko Production

Yiddish Nachas Live

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