Lchaim & Nachas DVD Release/Chanukah Event | Shwekey, Shmueli Ungar, Yossi Green, Yiddish Nachas


Celebrating Chanukah and the Lchaim & Nachas DVD release!

Buy/Stream the full DVD:

The Yiddish Nachas Chanukah and DVD Release Event, was just the right occasion to celebrate yet another amazing year full of gratitude to Hashem Yisborach!

It was an incredible night packed with gifts, goodies, stories and of course the highlight; musical activities and surprises by amazing stars and fun guests!

Thank You:
Yaakov Shwekey, Velvi Feldman, Yossi Green, Leiby Fasten, Shmueli Ungar for joining and entertaining!
Gedalya Weiser for the lighting and for making it all happen, Ari Levy – Studio On Dot for joining with a professional video crew, and Mrs. Kraus for all the hard work!

Shoutout to Nigun Music for providing the Lchaim & Nachas DVDs!

Video & Editing by: Ari Levy @Studio On Dot​

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