Lecha Dodi Official Music Video – Dudi Kalish & Lev Choir⁣ | לכה דודי – דודי קאליש ומקהלת לב


Lecha Dodi – Dudi Kalish & Lev Choir ~ Official Music Video | לכה דודי – דודי קאליש ומקהלת לב ~ הקליפ הרשמי

This is a beautiful song which will inspire you about Shabbos Kodesh. These beautiful words, which we sing every Friday night as Shabbos starts and the Tefilah in Shul begins. 

Dudi Kalish, world renown legendary composer, arranger and vocalist composed this incredible melody. He decided to share it on this masterpiece album with the talented crew of the Lev choir! Lev continues to impress the world of Jewish music with it’s passion driven high quality music and stunning harmonies, bringing joy and excitement at every Simcha that they enhance.

This new album Git Shabbos, features fantastic music and singing where creativity, expertise, and musicality came together in one beautiful project!

Now we present to you this new music video filmed on these amazing locations with breathtaking scenery and Shabbos vibes. With true Chassidishe flavor making you yearn for Shabbos to be every day of the week. The video will take you from the hectic Shabbos preparations to the beautiful Shabbos Seuda and Kiddush with your friends, family and beyond.

Filmed by the amazing PR Productions Team
Directed & Producer Ari Chaimowitz
Co Producer Aba Berkowitz
Cinematography By Nati Aviral
Performed By Dudi Kalish & Lev Choir
Child Soloist Yossi Lax

Produced By Aba Berkowitz
Arranged By Dudi Kalish
Mixed By Chaim Gottesman, Chaim Mozes
Mastered By Ilay Lashinsky

Link To Buy The Album: 👇👇

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Special Thanks:
White Glove
Mefoar Judica
Malchus Shtreimel
Sani Weiss – MusicOnTime
Yossi Shick – Arrange It Team
The Chef Chimowitz Family

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Disclaimer: This is a video you’ll want to re-watch again and again

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