Let’s Talk Business Episode 187. – HR Takeaways That Your Business Needs Today With Izzy Friedman


Episode 187. HR Takeaways That Your Business Needs Today With Izzy Friedman

Unless your business is growing fast, you probably haven’t thought seriously about Human Resources. But Izzy Friedman, an expert in HR and Senior Director of Human Resources for MEDRITE Urgent Care, thinks that you’re making a big mistake – and he’s ready to tell you all about the Human Resources issues you need to consider right away, no matter how big or small your business is.

Check out Izzy’s conversation with Meny, which addresses HR issues including processes that will help you avoid liability, the correct and incorrect way to interview a potential hire, the difference between company culture and perks, how to encourage employees to become engaged in the company’s success, what to look for when hiring an employee (and the high cost of making the wrong decision), the right and wrong way to do performance reviews, what makes a good HR department tick, and more.

[00:01 – 15:18] Transitioning Paths: Sales to HR

Izzy’s career shift from sales to HR
The impact of managerial experience on HR roles
Recognizing the value of employee engagement and conflict resolution

[15:19 – 30:39] HR Essentials for Business Success

The evolution of HR’s role in modern businesses
Importance of legal compliance and structured processes
Employee-centric strategies for enhancing company culture

[30:40 – 45:12] Cultivating a Positive Work Environment

Implementing effective employee feedback and recognition systems
The role of HR in building a supportive and inclusive culture
Strategies for consistent employee development and satisfaction

[45:13 – 58:02] Performance Management and Growth

Discussing the nuances of performance reviews and employee growth
Balancing quantitative metrics with qualitative personal development
Aligning employee objectives with company goals for mutual growth

[58:03 – 01:06:37] Navigating Challenges in HR

Addressing the complexities of employee negotiations and terminations
The significance of succession planning and organizational resilience
Embracing change and fostering adaptability within HR practices

Key Quotes:

“As a business owner the more involved you are in the direct culture will actually give you an advantage to be more involved in the growth of the company in a positive way.” – Izzy Friedman

“People are holding once you know where your employees are holding is when you can start to make decisions on a corporate level.” – Izzy Friedman


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