L’Mikdoshech – Levi Yitzchok Cohen ft Yossi Shick | למקדשך – לוי יצחק כהן מארח יוסי שיק


🕎 Happy Chanukah, let me present this newest heartwarming release “L’Mikdoshech”

A song to warm the heart, at a time like this, a light in the darkness, composed at the Tarnow Ghetto, Poland, who could ever forget our Eternal redemption that’s so near.

Who could ever forget to ask again and again for what we’ve been waiting for, for so many years. The secret to the final salvation lies in song, prayer and unity. So let us sing together, let’s bring it home, let the holiest of holy return, L’Mikdoshech Tuv.

🙏 Join Us in Celebration:
#L’Mikdoshech #Chanukah #ChagSameach #Redemption 🕎

Composed by: Levi Yitzchok Cohen
Produced by: Yossi Shick Label
Arranged & Mixed by: Motti Cohen
Drums: Amir Aharon
Guitar: Omri Shai
Strings Recorded by: David Taub
The Israeli Philharmonic Group
Choir by: Shmulik Goldstein
Vocals recorded @ Yanky Cohen Studios, Jerusalem – Avrumi Lunger @ Chein Studios, New Square
Mastered by: Ravid Kashti
Cover Design: Avrumy Silberstein / aimcreatives.co.

Many Thanks to Shimmy Einhorn, Mordche Fligman, Menachem Bernstein, Zishe Surkis, Yanky Steinmetz, Avrumi Lunger.

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