Yossi Shick Label – Daim Tug (Ft. Motti Gantz) | יוסי שיק – דעם טאג


Enjoy a summer song!

I assume you’re here and reading so you would wanna know what the song is all about…

Me & Motti are working on an EP.

This is one of the songs that we’re supposed to be there and now we need to exchange it with another one because i couldn’t keep myself back from sharing it, couldn’t hold it in for myself and here it is.

If you know, Motti is a great writer and has shared with me tons of his compositions which made us collab on an EP to come soon, amidst the production I bumped into this specific song (Motti called it Bayom Hahu), it was the beginning of the three weeks, I call up Motti and said “Let’s go record this one now for release right after three weeks” he was in.

Motti got to work with ‘Mantra’ on the music, then we both drove down to ‘Nachman Dryer’ to record guitars.

When it came for me to record we got together at ‘Moshe Yacub’s’ place (Upbeat Haven) and started doing an operation on the song, re-writing lyrics, trying to make it more perfect, then we felt something missing in the third part of ‘Mantra’s’ music so we composed this hook together, next face we recorded vocals, backup, choir, and junk still there at Moishe’s place and then i couldn’t decide who is going to mix this track, we’ve gone thru 100 other names of engineers but then our man ‘Aviv’ just did it!!

Enough of my talking.
‘Daim Tug’ is streaming everywhere and down below are the credits in a simple order!

Composed & Written by: Motti Gantz.
Hook composed by: Yours truly with the Label.
Music produced by: Motti Gantz & Mantra.
Additional guitars recorded by: Nachman Dryer.
Vocals recorded @ Upbeat Haven Studios, Monsey NY
Mixed & Mastered by: Aviv Yarimi.
Cover art by: Moishe Milstein.

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